A smash hit among Blue Drum’s offerings is our hilarious, interactive exploration games where groups use iPads to navigate around an area, find animated and non-animated checkpoints, and may risk having their heads chopped off. Can be arranged in any place, space or country or theme. These are truly outstanding ways to get to know a city or an area, and will create lasting, positive impressions.

A perfect example of these is our ‘Where medieval meets modern’ game in Tallinn’s Old Town. Visitors are divided into groups and given iPads. Then digital instructions direct participants to various checkpoints, either animated or non-animated, where they have to fulfill a challenge. In some cases, the task might just be taking a photo or solving a puzzle. In other cases, it might be finding Robin Hood and shooting a longbow. Or tasting the local food and drink, or learning a folk dance, or meeting the town executioner, who poses questions and threatens to lop off a team member’s head for a wrong answer. A video presentation can be seen here.

Using the same concept, Blue Drum can set up similar digital games in any city or area in Finland or Estonia. We can even offer indoor options, where groups have to solve riddles, take selfies, make drawings and the like. We can work with you to adapt the activity to whatever locale and situation your event demands. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.