Due to the COVID-19 crisis, team activities on tablets or mobiles acquired very special attention. Seems that this year the revolution of contactless, self-run events, team activities and trainings finally begin. Blue Drum Events provides the multi-purpose platform with engaging personalized iPad or mobile games to train and entertain our guests from abroad. As of 2020 it has been used in more than 50 countries! Your customer or teams can participate simultaneously in an unlimited amount of activities, as well as leave and re-join them. With the free iOS and Android apps users can browse activities, preload and join them.

Whether the theme of your event is rewarding employees, team building, a treasure hunt, a festival, a competition, a training or just a relaxing post-meeting activity, this kind of activities keep people informed, in motion, and in a great mood. Turn the discovery of local points of interest into an unforgettable experience. We can create city quests, bike trips, audio guides, games featuring local attractions or recreate the historical events on especially selected by you locations. You can define your own look & feel separately for each activity using your own icons, images, videos, backgrounds, custom maps and other graphics or use our ready template. Optionally you can utilize our ready games portfolio or we can help design, create and launch your own outdoor (GPS) or indoor (QR code) activities where you or your customers use their own mobile phones or tablets to play.

Different companies and couches around the world claim that tablet or mobile games (both indoors and outdoors) bring added value to their training, courses or programs, inspiring, entertaining and motivating their teams or customers. In collaboration with you we can create engaging and personalized content for your game to support and entertain your training process adding gaming session to theoretical block. In the game you can link cross-media content, such as web pages, print media and tv broadcasts, into a seamless campaign in which customers or consumers are eager to learn more, to express themselves and to win.

Discover Tallinn Old Town, Pirita health trail or Northern Tallinn
A good example or already running games it´s our contactless adventure games where teams with Ipads or mobile telephones by car or walking make their way to various meeting points where entertaining tasks are assigned for them. Depending on the answer entered, team choose the right or wrong route and either win or lose time and points. The game can be structured in diverse ways, providing opportunities to crack secret codes, pick out false information, optimize a route etc. All of this acitivities is monitored by our online controller, who intervenes if necessary. Once the game is over, you can analyze it and reward the winners. Funny photo or video tasks on the way bring extra value to discovery and nice memories to remember and talk about. We send all those files to the customer email at the end of the game. Non contactless option of this game includes animated checkpoints where actors or animators are waiting for the group to give and explain them different tasks to solve or challenges. Contact our experienced, multilingual team for a free consultation by email, telephone or fill out our contact form.