Reserving accommodations, organizing transport, booking venues and restaurants or finding event ideas are just a click away. Does that mean that DMCs are no longer needed? No, that is not the case. Destination Management Companies are the critical link connecting travelers and local service providers. Our vision is that the role of a DMC is evolving not only toward a different way of creating and organizing services, but it is also playing an important role in the creation of local programs or activities that connect the local communities, artists, history and clients. Creation of a destination experience tailored to each specific type of client (leisure, business, groups, individuals), improvement of competitiveness and maintaining the popularity of country as a tourism destination, collaboration between the private and the public sector, all of these factors can be achieved and make a huge positive influence by an unusual and creative approach. Blue Drum Events promotes the destinations where we operate, actively using concepts of histotainment and edutainment in the design of our tours and events. What is it about?

Edutainment combines the words “education” and “entertainment.” The goal of edutainment is to make your trips or events enjoyable and fun. Each of you probably have at least a few tours or events at which you were very extremely bored. Or the program of event was boring and not involving or the guide of standard city tour from the beginning started his historical monologue without any attention to you, running through and talking about some places on the go. What to say, these are standard programs in the most beautiful places of our planet but after such programs, unless of course you were in the forefront near the stage or guide, you remember almost nothing. Now, if you remind a very cheerful and funny guide or host who conducted the tour or event in such a way that you did not even notice how time flew by! Yes, he did not tell you the whole history of this country in details but instead mentioned many interesting facts or legends that maybe have nothing to do with the place but they made you laugh and even unconsciously remember some facts or story. The guides, entertainers, hosts whom you choose for your client events should be that easy, fun, helpful, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a simple city tour or a serious training program for several days, entertain and involve them, make people laugh!

Histotainment, ‘popular history’ or living history have been in vogue for at least two decades, moreover, this concept is popularly represented in open-air museums, memorial culture, or themed walks, such as, for example, our famous tour 500 years back in history. Have you ever been to the Pyramids or magical Old Towns in Europe or Eiffel Tower? Unique, amazing, historical places, but what did you see there? Crowds of tourists and the absolute emptiness inside? How complicated and expensive could it be to add just a few design details to make these venues come alive, bring local characters who would involve you in an interesting activity or offer local delicacy or drink, would you forget it? Involving interaction with participants helps them to develop social skills, make them connect with local environment, understand it better and increase their interest for the ambience that surrounding them. COVID crisis and lockdown challenged toursim a lot, we think its time to change and instead of mediating local services, become creators of experiences that will connect the local community, artists and introduce local culture and history to clients from abroad the way they deserve it. Watch our recorded zoominar about Histotainment & Edutainment in events here