Summer is the perfect time to leave your stresses behind and enjoy the great outdoors, and naturally the nature-loving people of the north have plenty of ways to do just that. Do you want to go primitive and stay in a tent or enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a luxury hotel? The choice is yours!  Whether exploring deep forests, kayaking along rivers, sailing on serene lakes or touring mysterious peat bogs, visitors will find plenty of options for escaping the tensions of urban life.

This is certainly not lost on the tourist boards of both countries. Finland has its FinRelax programme which encourages tourists to unwind through typically Finnish activities like visiting forests, taking sauna and picking berries and mushrooms. Estonia, for its part, is running a Stress Buster campaign to promote wilderness tours, bog-shoe walking and trips where you track beavers and sleep in tree tents.

Here’s the best part: Just how back-to-nature you want to get is entirely your choice. Do you want to take your group on a day-long trek through deep wilderness or just make a few stops in an air-conditioned bus? If you’re visiting one of the summer festivals that happen around both countries, do you want to pitch some tents or stay in a nearby luxury hotel? How about using a top-rated manor house accommodation as a base for exploring the countryside by bicycle? There are loads of options at both ends of the adventurous-to-comfortable spectrum as well as outdoor activities happening all year round. Contact Blue Drum to discuss what best fits your plans.