Latvia is situated between Estonia, its neighbor to the north, and Lithuania, its neighbor to the south. To get a better idea of location, look at maps of the Eastern European countries. Because Finland, Russia, Poland, and even Germany have shared borders with the Baltic Region, the Baltic countries may share some characteristics of nearby countries.

Visiting all three Baltic countries is easy, with regular flights between the capital cities of Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. Short distances between the cities also means that travel by bus, ferry or car is convenient, affordable, and comfortable and that seeing all three cities in one visit is possible. Here you can find all the direct destinations from Tallinn, Riga and Helsinki Airport with their schedules and airline information:

Tallinn Airport                 Riga Airport                    Vilnius Airport                        Helsinki Airport

Arriving in Baltic airports has an added bonus: compared with those of most other capitals, the airports in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are unusually close to the city centres. For instance, you can step off your plane in Tallinn and be in your hotel in 15 minutes. Thanks to the region’s geography, taking your group on a pan-Baltic tour is simple. Short distances between the cities means that travelling between them is convenient, affordable and comfortable. For instance, you can get from Tallinn to Riga, or from Riga to Vilmius, by bus or car in a little over 4 hours. The ferry connection from Helsinki to Tallinn takes just 2 hours. If you have any questions about putting together a corporate/conference tour of the Baltic region, or an incentive or team-building tour, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.