Authentic experiences are what every traveller craves, and what better way to put visitors in touch with their hosts’ culture than with national heritage-themed events? From folk dance performances to animated breaks, all-day programs and food sightseeings, Blue Drum provides a wide range of services related to national heritage, delivering just the kind of genuinely local experience visitors are looking for in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

These might be folk dances to liven up your gala dinner, animated breaks during conferences or as part of a sightseeing tour, fun and informative transfers or even day-long cultural programmes.

A perfect example is our “Who are those Estonians” welcome activity, where your group is met at the airport by a host in national costume, then served some local food and drink during the bus ride to their hotel. Guests are taught folk games and a few funny Estonian expressions, and generally provided a high level of entertainment, setting a fun tone for the entire visit.

Groups with more time and a deeper interest in local history and culture can take part in a full-day programme involving a visit to an outdoor heritage museum, such as the Estonian Open Air Museum, where the nation’s rural past and traditions are on display.

Whatever the activity, Blue Drum always uses local dancers, guides and artisits to guarantee that the experience is authentic. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can spice up your event with some local flair.