Perfect gala dinners come in all sorts of styles. Will you go for the classic limos-and-champagne approach, or something a bit more exotic? A medieval-themed meal, a yacht cruise, or maybe a magical party in the forest? How about a hot Brazilian dance lesson before dessert? If you’re planning a night to remember in Finland or the Baltics, Blue Drum is here help!

If you’re planning any kind of gala or celebratory dinner, no matter whether it’s in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, Blue Drum is here to make it happen!

Not only do we have a full database of exceptional venues in each country, we also have the experience and contacts to put together a wide range of thematic events, catering included. These can be dinners of the classical, glamorous, bow tie and limousine variety (paparazzi optional), and/or include memorable add-ons like a champagne yacht cruise. Or we can organize something with a more ‘world party’ feel like an Afro-, Italian-, Brazilian- or Latin-themed event, complete with live music and dance lessons.

Country-specific themes are another popular way to go. Traditional, folk-style evenings are great for making guests feel like they’re in touch with their destination’s culture. There are also some ‘only here’ options that take advantage of the countries’ individuality. Estonia and Latvia, for example, are perfect places to host Medieval- or retro Soviet-themed dinners. In Finland, we can organise a Magical Forest Party or build events around a Rock Fest or a Midsummer Fest. The list goes on. To discuss ideas and prices for your unforgettable gala dinner, just get in touch!