Revisit the USSR in all its glorious idiocy with Blue Drum’s Soviet-themed events, activities, tours, transfers or coffee breaks! That chapter of Estonia’s history is thankfully long past, but we’ve managed to dust off some of the silliness of the era for our guests’ entertainment. Want your group met by a uniformed KGB officer and given a ride in an authentic, Soviet-era bus? How about a vodka shot before being hauled off to prison?

One of our more elaborate options is a Tallinn city rally called “Comrade Justinov Wants to Meet You, Damn Capitalists.” In this informative and entertaining 5-hour adventure, the group is taken to a bunker, interrogated by a yelling KGB major and tasked with stealing NATO documents. There’s a slight competitive element as teams use secret technology (iPads) to find their checkpoints in Old Town, meet various shady characters and receive new assignments from their Controller. In addition to the rally, the day includes a bunker and sightseeing tour and a party in a KGB café. Expect plenty of propaganda, singing and surprises!

Alternatively as day event Soviet militia can meet the group in the hotel in order to check the documents and passports of the guests. Guests line up and militia suddenly finds those guests who just look suspicious. The whole group march to the bus. Militia entertains the crowd in the bus: Soviet propaganda, praising Soviet leaders and making „stupid“ jokes. People get a vodka shot and pickles as a greeting in a Soviet way.

In the venue militia makes interrogation based on KGB background information (asked previously). Suspects are dressed, they go through the fingerprint and photo session, funny medical examination and x-ray. In the end of the program Soviet officers introduce allies country musicians who perform for the group. Vodka shots and gherkins set the real Soviet mood. Finally guests promise to become KGB agents and start bribing militia with Marlboro and Coca Cola. Good histotainment!
NB: KGB background information about 2 persons is needed! (hobbies, funny situations, weird habits, nicknames, sins etc.)

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