Okay, maybe not to everywhere, but Latvia’s well connected capital makes a great starting point for any trip around that amazing country or the Baltic region as a whole. And of course Riga itself is a fantastic destination in its own right, packed with history and architectural charm. You can even tour it by Vespa! As an active organiser of events, Blue Drum Events can tell you all about what makes this country such a popular landing spot for groups.

Riga, the capital city of 640,000, is the largest city in the Baltics. Its airport offers the most direct flights (around 100) and the highest hotel room capacity. And as a glance at the map will show you, the city also sits right in the middle of the Baltic region. That central location makes it an ideal starting place for any wider trip, whether a one-way journey to Tallinn or Vilnius – each under five hours away by coach – or a multi-stop circuit around Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Naturally, Riga itself has plenty to offer. The city is loved for its charming, medieval Old Town as well as for its stunning art nouveau architecture. We offer loads of unforgettable ways to experience this historic gem, from treasure hunts and spy games to tours where your group will zip around on Vespa scooters. How about a feast in a traditional medieval restaurant, or a course in making cocktails using the city’s famed liqueur, Riga Black Balsam?

Beyond the walls of the capital, there’s an entire country to explore and an endless list of fascinating things to do: Amber hunting on the coast, a visit to the unforgettable Cēsis Castle, a fast and furious slide down the bobsled track in Sigulda, a Baroque-style reception at Rundāle Palace, a round-the-country brewery tour, an excursion through a secret nuclear war bunker, an overnight stay in a 19th-century prison… For the complete list and more information about options for Latvia and beyond, contact our specialists.