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Go local with Baltic heritage programmes

Authentic experiences are what every traveller craves, and what better way to put visitors in touch with their hosts' culture than with national heritage-themed events? From folk dance performances to animated breaks, all-day programs and food sightseeings, Blue Drum...

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High-tech tourist games

A smash hit among Blue Drum's offerings is our hilarious, interactive exploration games where groups use iPads to navigate around an area, find animated and non-animated checkpoints, and may risk having their heads chopped off. Can be arranged in any place, space or...

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Gourmet tours and delights

You can explore a country with your eyes and ears, but really understanding a culture means using your taste buds and your tummy. Blue Drum arranges cooking events where one of the top chefs of Finland and Estonia presents local modern food specialities. Intrigued?...

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Transfers with a twist

First impressions are important, and if you really want to wow your guests from the get-go, you should give them an animated airport transfer they'll never forget. How do you plan to greet your guests at the airport? Think carefully. The airport transfer is the first...

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Back in the USSR

Revisit the USSR in all its glorious idiocy with Blue Drum's Soviet-themed tours, transfers and coffee breaks! That chapter of Estonia's history is thankfully long past, but we've managed to dust off some of the silliness of the era for our guests' entertainment. Want...

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Travelling in the Baltics

Latvia is situated between Estonia, its neighbor to the north, and Lithuania, its neighbor to the south. To get a better idea of location, look at maps of the Eastern European countries. Because Finland, Russia, Poland, and even Germany have shared borders with the...

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